LLC “JV AZMOL-BP” concluded a partnership agreement with a major distributor of oils and lubricants in Iraq.

In December 2017, a delegation of one of the largest distributors of oils and lubricants in Iraq visited LLC "JV AZMOL-British Petrochemicals".


Confidence in long-term cooperation


After visiting the floors and becoming familiar with the production technology, the partner's representatives praised the quality of the products manufactured by LLC "JV AZMOL-British Petrochemicals".


Shortly before this ...

“AZMOL-British Petrochemicals” initiated the procedure for obtaining the Mercedes-Benz certificates

“AZMOL—British Petrochemicals”, jointly with the concern Daimler AG, launched the procedure for obtaining the certificates of Mercedes-Benz 229.3 for “AZMOL Leader Plus” 5W-40 and 10W-40 oil series, as well as the certificate of Mercedes-Benz 228.3 for “AZMOL Famula M” 10W-40 and 15W-40 oil series.


“AZMOL Leader Plus” is the series of universal all-season motor oils with a low friction coefficient. The oils are intended for application ...

1937-2017. Indestructible and legendary for 80 years.

On November 5, 1937, Berdiansk Cracking Plant produced its first products – aviation gasoline. From this day, the history of the plant "AZMOL" began. In the past 80 years, the enterprise withstood a lot: drab existence and bright holidays, joy of victories and the bitterness of failures, rise to the heights of glory and a precipitous fall, which could have ...


With the assistance of British engineers, “AZMOL-British Petrochemicals” developed “AZMOL Ultra Plus” – the series of fully synthetic engine oils for the newest car engines.


This series includes high-tech, light-flowing synthetic engine oils of SAE 0W-30, SAE 5W-30 ultra-high viscosity, as well as SAE 0W-40, SAE 5W-40 viscosity class oils for modern gasoline and diesel engines.


Oils of series “AZMOL Ultra Plus” are ...

British investor refurbishes AZMOL production

British company Global Lubricants finished the registration procedure of investment in the Ukrainian plant "AZMOL" ("AZMOL-BP"). Under the guidance of Terry Dicken, the founder of Global Lubricants, the modernization of the Ukrainian company will be performed, and new line of engine oils will be developed


The largest producer of engine oils and lubricants in Ukraine, PJSC “AZMOL” (Berdiansk, ...