British investor refurbishes AZMOL production

01:53 | 22.01.2018

British company Global Lubricants finished the registration procedure of investment in the Ukrainian plant “AZMOL” (“AZMOL-BP”). Under the guidance of Terry Dicken, the founder of Global Lubricants, the modernization of the Ukrainian company will be performed, and new line of engine oils will be developed


The largest producer of engine oils and lubricants in Ukraine, PJSC “AZMOL” (Berdiansk, Zaporizhia region, now – “AZMOL-British Petrochemicals”) received the investment from Global Lubricants Ltd, the UK famous oil manufacturer. Terry Dicken, the founder of the British company, will modernize the Ukrainian enterprise and provide for the development of new engine oil line.


Terry Dicken has 40 years of experience in the development, production, and distribution of engine oils. Global Lubricants, founded by him 20 years ago, supplies lubricants of its own production all over the world. Moreover, Terry Dicken is the president of the European Lubricating Grease Institute, ELGI.


It is worth noting that ELGI is the community of the European leading technologists, engineers, and developers in the field of lubricants and related fields. The main purpose of ELGI is to facilitate the understanding of all issues concerning oils and lubricants and related products. In its work, ELGI facilitates the exchange of information and experience in the design, production and application, circulation, and sale of lubricants among all interested organizations and individuals. Under the direction of Terry Dicken, the work groups meet annually at the conference and discuss issues of technology enhancement, environmental aspects, and raw material issues. It is the place, where the most modern technological solutions in this field are born.


The investment project with “AZMOL-BP” is the result of thorough study of the enterprise, during which the British expert highly appreciated its potential.


“Our task is to make a world-class product in Ukraine. The company with such a long history and level of development, as “AZMOL-BP” has, is more than suitable for this. We bring in our achievements and technologies to “AZMOL-BP”, as well as our 40-year experience of production and distribution of oils in Britain and all over the world. I believe that new line products, which will be produced here on AZMOL-BP, will become popular both in the Ukrainian market and abroad”, — noted Terry Dicken.


The modernization of production will be the first step of the British investor, which will fully reveal the potential of the legendary enterprise, breathing new life into it. By the results of modernization, “AZMOL-BP” plans to increase the number of workplaces by at least three times.


Meanwhile, Terry Dicken is developing a new product line of “AZMOL-BP”. The first novelty will be available in retail in the summer of 2017 already. This is a new generation of motor oil, produced using the European raw materials and ensures the maximum preservation of engine performance and service life. In the coming months, the line will be replenished with new products to be developed and produced under the guidance and supervision of the British experts.