14:18 | 21.03.2017
azmol азмол история производство

“AZMOL British Petrochemicals” is a petrochemical enterprise, which has been producing high-quality oils, lubricants and various cutting fluids for more than 80 years. Today, the company’s activities are focused on the modernization of production, product line enhancement and expansion of the sales market.


History of formation and development of ТМ “AZMOL”


It’s history dates back to the distant 1937, when a cracking plant, producing gasoline for aviation, was opened in Berdiansk. After 10 years, the enterprise changed its profile for the production of lubricants. The impressive success was achieved in this field: the plant became one of the leaders in this industry in the Eastern Europe.


Important dates in activities of “AZMOL”:


  • 1960 – the workshop for the production of synthetic fatty acids commissioned;

  • 1992 – the manufacture of hydraulic, engine and other oils launched;

  • 2016 – “new life” of the plant started owing to the British investments;

  • 2017 – first deliveries of the renovated products to Uzbekistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan performed.

A new milestone in the activities of LLC “JV AZMOL-BP” began with the help of investment from the British party – a well-known company Global Lubricants Ltd. Its founder, Terry Dicken, is also the current head of ELGI – the European Lubricating Grease Institute.



The head of Global Lubricants Ltd, a recognized expert in lubricants, gave the highest mark to the quality of products, manufactured by LLC “JV AZMOL-BP”. According to him, LLC “JV AZMOL-BP” is a company with a long history and high level of development.


“I believe that new line products, which will be produced here on LLC “JV AZMOL-BP”, will become popular both in the Ukrainian market and abroad”, — states Terry Dicken.


What does the cooperation with the British party give to “AZMOL”?


By Terry Dicken’s opinion: “We bring in our achievements and technologies to “AZMOL-BP”, as well as our 40-year experience of production and distribution of oils in the Great Britain and all over the world”.


For “AZMOL British Petrochemicals” it is the enhancement of existing products and the assortment replenishment with new, European level developments.


In summer of 2017, the innovative engine oil – a result of joint Ukrainian-British development – was released. It is based on the first-class European raw materials, which ensure the enhancement of the car engine efficiency and durability.


LLC “JV AZMOL-BP” plans to replenish the lubricant catalog with the latest products.


Key benefits of “AZMOL British Petrochemicals” products:

– the manufacturing under the supervision and with the participation of British technologists;

– the European level of quality assurance;

– the exclusive use of the European base oils and packages of additives;

– the ability to compete with foreign brands.


Main mission of LLC “JV AZMOL-BP”

LLC “JV AZMOL-BP” strives to to reach a new level and to bring PREMIUM-class oils and lubricants to the Ukrainian and foreign markets.

The enterprise is constantly enhancing, inheriting the experience of European companies.


Priority in work — manufacture of first-class products.

Specialists of LLC “JV AZMOL-BP” work with chemical elements and base oils of a high purification degree. As a result, clients and partners of the company shall receive the lubricants, complying with the international quality standards.

The products of LLC “JV AZMOL-BP” have been already assessed in 10 countries, including: Ukraine, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Latvia, Estonia, Azerbaijan etc.