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Azmol picked the best cars on the country’s race drag racing

The roar of engines, the smell of fuel in the air and the crowd of spectators, who share the love of fast cars. A drag racing sprint race was held in Berdyansk with the support of Azmol-BP. The fastest cars of the country with famous pilots who competed for the prize fund of 150 000 UAH took part in the

11:42 | 16.07.2019

Azmol makes Berdyansk sports capital of the region

Danker international level Kroha, Nikkon and Dandy; the pride of Ukrainian Basketball - participant of the World Championship Maksim Zakurdaev, Ukrainian national team player Olga Yakovets, famous basketball player Irina Tsekova, as well as the best football players of the region! Celebrities arrived in sunny Berdyansk on the feast of sport, which was held on July 6 and 7 with

09:13 | 14.07.2019

Azmol congratulates on the Constitution Day of Ukraine!

Today, every Ukrainian has a wonderful holiday - Constitution Day! Celebrate the day of the main legislative document of the country can only really developed and democratic society, because this is what guarantees us peace, order and tranquility. Azmol BP welcomes the whole country and wishes all Ukrainians to continue to jointly build a modern democratic
09:50 | 28.06.2019

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