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AZMOL 2020: Leadership Concepts in Every Segment

On February 19, the conference "AZMOL 2020: Leadership Concepts in Every Segment" was held in Kyiv, which highlighted the company's successes in 2019, strategic development plans for 2020. The conference participants and speakers paid much attention to the general state of affairs in the modern lubricants market. During the event, an updated design of Azmol British Petrochemicals' motor oil packaging

17:50 | 24.02.2020

AZMOL BP – took part in AgroTechService

From February 11 to 13, the 19th AgroTechService 2020 exhibition was held in Zaporizhzhya. During the exhibition AZMOL BP team presented the lubricants, car cosmetics and car chemistry of their own production. Indeed, on the threshold of carrying out a complex of spring field work, farmers need to familiarize themselves with market trends and sector innovations. And all the products
09:30 | 14.02.2020

GKN Driveline International GmbH and AZMOL BP: first steps of cooperation

The world-famous concern GKN Driveline International GmbH, which manufactures hinges and develops automotive technologies, turned to AZMOL BP with a proposal for cooperation. In January, a meeting was held at which representatives of both companies discussed the details of further joint work. Today GKN Service International GmbH is the largest concern in this segment - about 50% of automobile
18:18 | 30.01.2020

Kharkiv Tractor Plant now uses AZMOL BP coolant in its work

Azmol Delta Cuttana SM coolant has successfully passed production tests at Kharkiv Tractor Plant. Azmol British Petrochemicals leading manufacturer of cutting fluids, once again confirmed the quality of its products during a 3-month extended production test at Kharkiv Tractor Plant. In the second half of 2019, the coolant "Azmol Delta Cuttana SM" was tested on grinding and turning
09:17 | 17.01.2020

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«AZMOL British Petrochemicals» — is a petrochemical enterprise, which has been producing high-quality oils, lubricants and various cutting fluids for more than 80 years. Today, the company's activities are focused on the modernization of production, product line enhancement and expansion of the sales market.
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