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AZMOL вместе с другими украинскими производителями смазочных материалов подписали открытое обращение и заявили об остановке производств

         Украинские производители смазочных материалов сегодня полностью парализованы. Начиная с 23 мая 2020 все они не имеют права ни хранить, ни покупать, ни перерабатывать, ни продавать продукты, изготовленные на основе импортных базовых масел. А это практически все масла и смазки в стране.          Как

11:40 | 29.05.2020

AZMOL BP obtained API license

We are proud to announce that AZMOL BP has been licensed API lubricant manufacturer since April 20, 2020. Also, AZMOL Famula M 15W-40 oil has received an API license.

For motor oil manufacturers, the most recognized test result for their products is the licensing of the API

15:56 | 23.04.2020

AZMOL BP launched its own production of antiseptics

An enterprise specializing in the production of lubricants has launched its own antiseptic line. So promptly at AZMOL they reacted to a deficit of disinfectants in Ukraine in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.

First of all, AZMOL BP production antiseptics were received free of charge by all

14:22 | 15.04.2020

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«AZMOL British Petrochemicals» — is a petrochemical enterprise, which has been producing high-quality oils, lubricants and various cutting fluids for more than 80 years. Today, the company's activities are focused on the modernization of production, product line enhancement and expansion of the sales market.
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