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Interactive catalog of AZMOL British Petrochemicals product selection for your car!

The team of the technical support department of AZMOL British Petrochemicals informs about the successfully implemented project-the creation and launch of the online service for the selection of AZMOL lubricants.

The online service for the selection of lubricants AZMOL was created in cooperation with the Dutch company OLYSLAGER –

17:32 | 06.04.2021

Football team AZMOL British Petrochemicals: 10 years of success and victories

The company AZMOL British Petrochemicals has been actively involved in the sports life of the city for many years. Discipline, strength, endurance and health are the key to winning not only in sports, but also in everyday life. That is why the company supports the Berdyansk karate club "Kime", the

10:45 | 25.02.2021

AZMOL British Petrochemicals реализовал масштабный образовательный проект: «АГРОВЕСНА-2021»

С 26 января по 10 февраля AZMOL British Petrochemicals совместно с производителем сельскохозяйственной техники JOHN GREAVES и заводом турбокомпрессоров «ТУРБОКОМ» реализовали масштабный образовательный проект «АГРОВЕСНА-2021».

В рамках проекта технические специалисты компаний-партнеров посетили 8 регионов Украины и провели обучающие семинары

18:03 | 15.02.2021

Undisputed leadership, proven by time: results of 2020 of AZMOL BP

2020 began for our company with a large-scale conference "AZMOL 2020: The concept of leadership in each segment", which highlighted the company's success in 2019 and strategic development plans for 2020. Every day, step by step, the company developed and became better, expanding the production line, getting new approvals and

16:40 | 30.12.2020

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«AZMOL British Petrochemicals» — is a petrochemical enterprise, which has been producing high-quality oils, lubricants and various cutting fluids for more than 80 years. Today, the company's activities are focused on the modernization of production, product line enhancement and expansion of the sales market.
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