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Advanced training of employees is the key to success of AZMOL

Corporate training aimed at increasing the level of professionalism of employees for AZMOL is a tradition confirmed by the high operating performance of the enterprise.

The practice of continuous training of AZMOL employees has shown that through training, the professional qualities of the team improve and overall work efficiency increases. "Everyone knows that modern challenges require modern solutions. Therefore, Azmol

15:10 | 10.12.2019

The delegation of the Canadian Embassy visited Azmol

Within the framework of the Canadian project “Promis”, one of the directions of which is the development of the industrial tourism program in Berdyansk, a delegation from Canada visited AZMOL. Acquaintance with the legend of the city - AZMOL, impressed the guests so much that they promised to return and take part in a plant tour in the warm, summer

10:32 | 02.12.2019

UkrLandFarming PLC recommends Azmol motor oils

The flagship of the Ukrainian agricultural holding UkrLandFarming PLC now recommends three engine oils AZMOL British Petrochemicals juts at once. Testing procedures of Azmol oils in the agricultural sector lasted for almost two years. One of the participants in the Europe Trans Agro enterprise, which is part of the UkrLandFarming PLC group of companies. Europe Trans Agro specialists approved that

10:32 | 28.11.2019

A man who is ahead of time. Suren Stepanyants is Azmol’s legend

November 22 marks 40 years since Suren Avanesovich Stepanyants passed away. For 33 years, this outstanding man led the Berdyansk experimental oil and refinery plant, which now has the name Azmol. The inscription on the stele, installed in honor of Suren Avanesovich, reads: "A man who is ahead of time." And not only for the plant, but also

18:26 | 22.11.2019

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«AZMOL British Petrochemicals» — is a petrochemical enterprise, which has been producing high-quality oils, lubricants and various cutting fluids for more than 80 years. Today, the company's activities are focused on the modernization of production, product line enhancement and expansion of the sales market.
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