Уважаемые партнеры AZMOL BP!

Ввиду нынешней ситуации на территории Украины, связанной с Пандемией коронавируса, информируем вас о том, что режим посещения предприятия изменен.
Все контрагенты, которые заезжают на территорию завода или офиса, будут проходить процедуру измерения температуры тела, а также в обязательном порядке должны находиться в маске. В случае обнаруженной повышенной температуры тела либо отсутствия маски

16:23 | 26.03.2020

AZMOL BP на страже здоровья и стабильности

Компания Азмол приняла все необходимые меры для того, чтобы обезопасить сотрудников и не допустить распространение эпидемии коронавируса. При этом еще одна первоочередная задача компании AZMOL BP - не допустить остановку производства смазочной продукции, чтобы не подводить наших клиентов и партнеров в такое непростое время.  
К введению карантина в Украине компания Азмол подошла серьезно и

12:22 | 26.03.2020

АЗМОЛ надасть 250 тисяч гривень на потреби бердянської медицини

Підприємство «AZMOL British Petrochemicals» одне з перших, яке відгукнулося на заклик народного депутата Олександра Пономарьова допомогти бердянцям і медикам в боротьбі з коронавірусом. Підприємство ніколи не стояло осторонь від міських проблем. І тим більше сьогодні, у непростий для всіх час, розуміючи свою соціальну відповідальність, співробітники АЗМОЛу і адміністрація підприємства прийняли

18:15 | 18.03.2020

AZMOL BP participated in the national exhibition of agricultural technologies “Agroprom 2020”

On February 26-28, the nineteenth national exhibition of agro-technologies - "Agroprom" was held in Dnipro, where AZMOL BP presented its stand with lubricants, auto-chemistry and auto-cosmetics of its own production. In addition, many seminars and lectures were held on the most topical issues in the modern agrarian field.

The largest regional exhibition of southeastern Ukraine takes place in

10:09 | 03.03.2020

AZMOL 2020: Leadership Concepts in Every Segment

On February 19, the conference "AZMOL 2020: Leadership Concepts in Every Segment" was held in Kyiv, which highlighted the company's successes in 2019, strategic development plans for 2020. The conference participants and speakers paid much attention to the general state of affairs in the modern lubricants market. During the event, an updated design of Azmol British Petrochemicals' motor oil

17:50 | 24.02.2020

AZMOL BP – took part in AgroTechService

From February 11 to 13, the 19th AgroTechService 2020 exhibition was held in Zaporizhzhya. During the exhibition AZMOL BP team presented the lubricants, car cosmetics and car chemistry of their own production. Indeed, on the threshold of carrying out a complex of spring field work, farmers need to familiarize themselves with market trends and sector innovations. And all the products of AZMOL BP,

09:30 | 14.02.2020

GKN Driveline International GmbH and AZMOL BP: first steps of cooperation

The world-famous concern GKN Driveline International GmbH, which manufactures hinges and develops automotive technologies, turned to AZMOL BP with a proposal for cooperation. In January, a meeting was held at which representatives of both companies discussed the details of further joint work.

Today GKN Service International GmbH is the largest concern in this segment - about 50% of automobile

18:18 | 30.01.2020

Kharkiv Tractor Plant now uses AZMOL BP coolant in its work

Azmol Delta Cuttana SM coolant has successfully passed production tests at Kharkiv Tractor Plant.

Azmol British Petrochemicals leading manufacturer of cutting fluids, once again confirmed the quality of its products during a 3-month extended production test at Kharkiv Tractor Plant.

In the second half of 2019, the coolant "Azmol Delta Cuttana SM" was tested on grinding and turning CNC

09:17 | 17.01.2020

Azmol Cuttana SM and Azmol Cuttana S are the main cooling liquids at “MALYSHEV PLANT”

SE "MALYSHEV PLANT" based in Kharkiv , one of the largest enterprises in the UKROBORONPROM complex, gave preference to Azmol Cuttana SM and Azmol Cuttana S lubricants and cooling liquids for use in the manufacturing sector.

Within two months, production tests were carried out, during which lubricants and coolants Azmol Cuttana SM and Azmol Cuttana S competed with another product of the

11:09 | 15.01.2020

AZMOL’s new product – Brake Caliper Grease

AZMOL Brake Caliper Grease is another novelty in the AZMOL BP lubricant line. It is designed to service the mechanisms of the brake system. The advanced formula provides reliable protection for metal, rubber and plastic parts. AZMOL Brake Caliper Grease is the result of a constructive collaboration between British technologists and domestic production.
Brakes operate in an aggressive

16:11 | 13.01.2020

2019 RESULTS: AZMOL-BP management run year meeting

20th of December 2019 in Berdyansk there were final meeting of management of all the structure subdivisions of AZMOL company. During the meeting all the results of 2019 was discussed, as well as aim and tasks for 2020. During the meeting technical director of company Mr. Terry Dicken announced new direction in work of company, but did not disclosed details, stated only that AZMOL-BP is preparing

17:52 | 27.12.2019


The best New Year's gift for AZMOL BP was the results of the All-Ukrainian Industry Analytical Center, which named AZMOL as the “Consumer Choice - 2019”. As a confirmation of the high trust of customers, the company received a prestigious award of the same name.
The All-Ukrainian Industrial Analytical Center (AUAC) in its studies relies on the adopted bill of May 15, 2018 No. 6141 "On

17:17 | 24.12.2019


According to the results of the study of the Ukrainian National Business Rating, AZMOL BP at the end of 2019 was recognized as one of the most effective Ukrainian companies in its industry. As a confirmation of it's high status, quality, reliability and efficiency of doing business company was awarded with prestigious “Industry Leader - 2019” award for the company and special individual

19:40 | 19.12.2019

AZMOL BP congratulated children on the holiday of St. Nicholas

For each child St. Nicholas Day is an expectation of charms and holidays. Оn this day children can feel the atmosphere of a miracle and receive a pleasant gift. Therefore, AZMOL BP could not stay away from this wonderful event.
Today St. Nicholas passed through employees of the enterprise Vladimir Pivovarov and Illya Kataev gifts for the pupils of two kindergartens - №33 "Rainbow" and №39

17:20 | 19.12.2019

Advanced training of employees is the key to success of AZMOL

Corporate training aimed at increasing the level of professionalism of employees for AZMOL is a tradition confirmed by the high operating performance of the enterprise.
The practice of continuous training of AZMOL employees has shown that through training, the professional qualities of the team improve and overall work efficiency increases.

"Everyone knows that modern challenges require

15:10 | 10.12.2019

The delegation of the Canadian Embassy visited Azmol

Within the framework of the Canadian project “Promis”, one of the directions of which is the development of the industrial tourism program in Berdyansk, a delegation from Canada visited AZMOL. Acquaintance with the legend of the city - AZMOL, impressed the guests so much that they promised to return and take part in a plant tour in the warm, summer season.

Industrial tourism isn’t new for

10:32 | 02.12.2019

UkrLandFarming PLC recommends Azmol motor oils

The flagship of the Ukrainian agricultural holding UkrLandFarming PLC now recommends three engine oils AZMOL British Petrochemicals juts at once. Testing procedures of Azmol oils in the agricultural sector lasted for almost two years. One of the participants in the Europe Trans Agro enterprise, which is part of the UkrLandFarming PLC group of companies. Europe Trans Agro specialists approved that

10:32 | 28.11.2019

A man who is ahead of time. Suren Stepanyants is Azmol’s legend

November 22 marks 40 years since Suren Avanesovich Stepanyants passed away. For 33 years, this outstanding man led the Berdyansk experimental oil and refinery plant, which now has the name Azmol. The inscription on the stele, installed in honor of Suren Avanesovich, reads: "A man who is ahead of time." And not only for the plant, but also for the Berdyansk city, where Stepanyants lived and worked

18:26 | 22.11.2019

Azmol visited by Georgian delegation

       With ever-increasing frequency, foreign delegations attendance Azmol on a working visit. On 20th November 2019, the company was visited by potential partners from Georgia. The guests were given a tour during which they get acquainted with Azmol British Petrochemicals Company, its manufacturing and product range.
The interest of international partners in the Azmol company is determined by

18:34 | 21.11.2019

Success Coordinator: Terry Dicken celebrates his birthday

Today, November 20, Terry Dicken, the technical director of the Ukrainian-British company Azmol British Petrochemicals, celebrates his birthday.
Azmol recently celebrated its 80th anniversary. But it was precisely with the advent of both investment and the tremendous experience and professionalism of Terry in 2016 that a new, successful milestone in the history of the brand began.
According to

18:33 | 20.11.2019

Azmol is unrivaled

Lubricating and cooling liquid “Azmol Delta Cuttana SM” passed industrial tests at PJSC "ILYICH IRON AND STEEL WORKS” and demonstrated the best result, outdistanced competitors in almost all parameters.

Azmol British Petrochemicals, the leading Ukrainian-British manufacturer of cutting fluids, has once again confirmed the high quality of its products, overtaking two bidders for the supply of

18:02 | 14.11.2019


Cummins has allowed Azmol Famula M 15W-40 engine oil to be used in diesel engines.
Approval of Azmol Famula M 15W-40 oil by Cummins which is a manufacturer of the most common heavy machinery engines. Oil Azmol Famula M 15W-40 has received an admission CES 20078 from the universally known manufacturer of diesel engines Cummins. The American company confirmed the compliance of Azmol British

18:04 | 12.08.2019

Azmol picked the best cars on the country’s race drag racing

The roar of engines, the smell of fuel in the air and the crowd of spectators, who share the love of fast cars. A drag racing sprint race was held in Berdyansk with the support of Azmol-BP. The fastest cars of the country with famous pilots who competed for the prize fund of 150 000 UAH took part in the spectacular auto show!
Favorite sound for engine oil manufacturer- it is menacing roar of the

11:42 | 16.07.2019

Azmol makes Berdyansk sports capital of the region

Danker international level Kroha, Nikkon and Dandy; the pride of Ukrainian Basketball - participant of the World Championship Maksim Zakurdaev, Ukrainian national team player Olga Yakovets, famous basketball player Irina Tsekova, as well as the best football players of the region! Celebrities arrived in sunny Berdyansk on the feast of sport, which was held on July 6 and 7 with the support of the

09:13 | 14.07.2019

A team of Azmol specialists gathered to develop a strategy for further development, after obtaining the approvals of Mercedes-Benz

Getting a Mercedes-Benz OEM approvals is not just a success. This is the result of team work of the best specialists of the country, which Azmol-BP unites. Our oil - “perfectly created” and we are proud of those who create it. The company's team gathered at the business training «Azmol - the top of trust "to develop a further development strategy.
Getting the OEM approvals of the world-famous

14:35 | 08.07.2019

Azmol congratulates on the Constitution Day of Ukraine!

Today, every Ukrainian has a wonderful holiday - Constitution Day!
Celebrate the day of the main legislative document of the country can only really developed and democratic society, because this is what guarantees us peace, order and tranquility. Azmol BP welcomes the whole country and wishes all Ukrainians to continue to jointly build a modern democratic country, where there is the rule of law

09:50 | 28.06.2019

Azmol British Petrochemicals поздравляет с Днем фермера!

Компания Азмол поздравляет всех аграриев с Днём фермера! Спасибо за Ваш труд, благодаря которому Украина славится своей фермерской продукцией даже на зарубежном рынке. Мы рады вносить свою лепту в качественное обслуживание сельскохозяйственной техники и помогать развитию аграрной отрасли.
19 июня в Украине отмечается День фермера. Мы убеждены, что это должен быть один из ключевых праздников

16:33 | 19.06.2019

The “International Forum, “AZMOL-BP – effective lubricants for agricultural machinery and commercial vehicles” took place with the participation of Terry Dicken and partner companies from 11 countries

On May 30-31, a forum on lubricants " Berdyansk 2019, AZMOL-BP - effective lubricants for agricultural machinery and commercial vehicles"  was held. British co-owner Terry Dicken explained why he chose the Ukrainian Azmol plant for major investments. The event was attended by partners from 11 countries, who emphasized that dynamic development only increases the prospects of cooperation with the

11:14 | 07.06.2019

Azmol became a member of the Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business

Advanced Ukrainian agricultural enterprises have recognized Azmol lubricants as the best choice for modern agricultural equipment. Our company has become a member of the UCAB - Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business. This is another partnership that Azmol is proud of.
The Ukrainian Agrarian Business Club unites the leaders of the agricultural sector of the country. The main aim of the Club is to

08:30 | 04.06.2019

“Azov Cup” of jeep sprint with the support of Azmol held on Berdyansk

The roar of the engine, excitement in the eyes of the public and adrenaline that going off the scale - with these words, you can briefly describe the race in the jeep sprint format, which took place near Berdyansk.. The competition was held in three categories - “Standart”, “Hard” and “Country Cross”. Spectacular event gathered hundreds of viewers.
It's almost summer, you would like the

16:10 | 29.05.2019

AZMOL Famula LD 10W-40 engine oil has been approved by Volvo Group Trucks.

Long-term tests confirmed the high quality of the new AZMOL British Petrochemicals - AZMOL Famula LD 10W-40 motor oil and its compatibility with Volvo (VDS-3), Renault VI (RLD-2) and Mack (EO-N) engines.
Swedish Volvo, one of the world's leading manufacturers of heavy vehicles, recommends AZMOL Famula LD 10W-40 motor oil.
After lengthy bench tests and research in the laboratory, the AZMOL

13:57 | 19.04.2019

Hydrosila Tethys – a major manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders chooses Azmol Cuttana-SM coolant for their equipment.

Since 2017, Hydrosila Tethys has been using European-level cutting fluid Azmol Cuttana-SM for stable production.
The cooperation of Hydrosila Tethys LLC with AZMOL British Petrochemicals has been going on for several years. The Melitopol manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders was first used in the production of Azmol Cuttana-SM coolant in 2017.
The engineers at Hydrosila Tethys provided a detailed

14:32 | 17.04.2019


Azmol British Petrochemicals joined the leaders in the production of lubricants and became a member of the NLGI.
Azmol British Petrochemicals became a member of the NLGI. This is an achievement for all company employees. Our team has proven that we are ready not only to provide the consumer with a decent product, but also to improve the market together with the leaders of the sphere.

12:13 | 15.03.2019


The only atomic spectrograph in Ukraine for the analysis of lubricants will be installed at new laboratory of Azmol British Petrochemicals.
AZMOL British Petrochemicals in 2019 initiated foundation of a British-Ukrainian laboratory with advanced technical capabilities for the analysis of oils and lubricants for Ukrainian enterprises, CIS countries and Europe. As part of this project, an atomic

11:42 | 15.03.2019


The annual conference of Agrus Base Oils Forum 2019 was held in London. The founder of AZMOL BP, Terry Dicken, announced forecasts for the future dynamics of the pricing policy of the European oil market. Negotiations began with Polish companies regarding the prospects for further cooperation.
AZMOL at the conference was represented by leading supply specialist Daria Dudko and leading technical

15:09 | 28.02.2019


The team “AZMOL CROSSFIT FAMILY” took the third place in the competition “Races of the Nation-2019”
Azmol British Petrochemicals congratulated Berdyansk team «Azmol Crossfit Family» - winners of the Race of the Nation-2019. The athletes showed an excellent result: for the first time a team from Berdyansk took 3rd place in the All-Ukrainian competition among 54 teams.
Athletes in full force came

21:44 | 27.02.2019

Metinvest substitute imported industrial oils with AZMOL

Metallurgists Metinvest form new market rules – optimization by using Azmol industrial oils.

For the first time in last several years, the volume of the metallurgy market in 2018 showed a positive trend, despite the fact that there were just few prerequisites for this. Reduced sales markets due to export restrictions, economic and political instability, the destabilizing effect of Chinese

10:29 | 27.02.2019

AZMOL team is a 2019 Futsal Champion of Berdyansk

According to the already well-established tradition, the football season in Berdyansk futsal championship opens precisely. This type of football causes tremendous interest in our city and collects full stands of fans. This is a kind of snowdrops in the football life of the city. Since January 14th, all fans of futsal and football in general lived with this very event.
In the new 2019,

12:30 | 25.02.2019

MEDIA: Azmol helps to eliminate the accident at the sewer

In the current situation, the staff of AZMOL British Petrochemicals could not stand aside and did everything possible to quickly eliminate the accident of the collector in Berdyansk, the plant's hometown.

Details in the comments of the publication Pro.Berdyansk.Biz were voiced by the deputy director for production management, Vladimir Pivovarov.
«As soon as the scale of the accident became

10:17 | 04.02.2019

AZMOL BP’s conference in Azerbaijan and Georgia

At the end of the year, the AZMOL BP Innovative Lubricants Conference was held for partners and potential consumers of lubricants from Azerbaijan and Georgia.
The product range includes more than 200 items, these are oils for automobiles, motorcycles, transmission oils, industrial oils and greases, and fully meets all the needs of the consumer.
Motor oils are one of the key topics of the

17:00 | 22.12.2018

A return to former glory

AZMOL British Petrochemicals in business media
The industry magazine Naphthenics Magazine №3/2018 have made a publication about long-term cooperation with NYNAS and AZMOL-BP plant’s modernization – key factors of our product’s quality.
“Because of the trends and demands in the lubricant industry, naphthenic specialty products play a crucial role in our production,” says Vita Tanasevich, the

09:40 | 11.12.2018

Azmol British Petrochemicals in the sectoral foreign media

AZMOL British Petrochemicals in European business media
The industry magazine Lubes'n'Greases EMEA (November 2018) have made a publication about AZMOL-BP’s restart, which was made possible by the investment and technological participation of the British investor Terry Dicken.
Lubes'n'Greases EMEA is the first independent regional business magazine for and about the lubricants, base oil,

10:10 | 04.12.2018

Round-table between AZMOL and BASF was held in Berdyansk

In November, a round table was held at the Azmol British Petrochemicals in Berdyansk with the participation of representatives of the BASF concern Alexey Zolotov and Yuri Efremov (a division of lubricants, base oils and components for coolant), representatives of SPECIMPORT LLC (distributor of the BASF concern in Ukraine) Sergey Voitenko (Director of Specimport) and Yaroslav Trofimenko (Assistant

09:00 | 28.11.2018

For the first time Rally of Off-Road Vehicles was held in Berdyansk

On November 24, off-road races took place near the estuaries of the Azov Sea. AZMOL British Petrochemicals, the general sponsor of the event, acted as a technical partner and presented valuable prizes to the winners.

In a two-kilometer obstacle course, 21 crews participated in all-wheel drive vehicles. A separate class were quad bikes. It was a difficult race even for experienced riders and a

17:55 | 24.11.2018

10 Anniversary International Forum “Lubricants. Berdyansk-2018”

From September 4 to 7, the 10th Anniversary International Forum "Lubricants. Berdyansk-2018 " was held on the basis of the Ukrainian-British joint venture AZMOL-British Petrochemicals. 160 delegates from 12 countries took part in the forum. The event was opened by the organizer of the forum, the founder and investor of AZMOL-British Petrochemicals, president of the European Lubricating grease

16:20 | 28.09.2018

AZMOL-BP motor oils are approved for use in Mercedes-Benz engines

As a result of fulfilling all the qualification requirements, AZMOL British Petrochemicals has received approval from DAIMLER for the use of engine oils in Mercedes-Benz engines.
So AZMOL 5W-40 Leader Plus, AZMOL 10W-40 Leader Plus and AZMOL 10W-40 Famula M oils as a result of complex tests and studies in the concern's laboratory are defined as those that fully comply with the requirements of

10:03 | 26.07.2018

The British investor of AZMOL-BP Terry Dicken visited PC “Zaporozhstal” and PrJSC “Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol”

At the end of May, the President of the European Lubricating Grease Institute (ELGI), the British investor of AZMOL-BP Terry Dicken visited the Works in Zaporozhye and Donetsk regions: Public corporation "Zaporozhstal" and Private Joint Stock Company “Mariupol Metallurgical Plant named after Ilyich”. Representatives of the Works conducted an excursion for the British expert, his colleague Robert

10:47 | 06.07.2018

AZMOL-BP was visited by representatives of the Turkish company “VOLPET PETROL”

Cooperation with reliable partners is an important component of successful, dynamic development.
Products of AZMOL-BP have already been evaluated in 10 countries, including Ukraine, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Latvia, Estonia, Azerbaijan and others.
On May 17 representatives of the Turkish company VOLPET PETROL again paid a working visit to AZMOL British Petrochemicals. The purpose of the visit

18:00 | 14.05.2018

Cooperation of AZMOL with British companies

The history of cooperation between AZMOL and British companies has been on for more than a quarter of a century. It was 25 years ago at the facilities of AZMOL that the first tons of oil were produced under the legendary trade mark "Castrol", which belongs to the world famous oil company British Petroleum.
It is no accident that the British preferred AZMOL plant for the production of their

15:20 | 14.05.2018

LLC “JV AZMOL-BP” concluded a partnership agreement with a major distributor of oils and lubricants in Iraq

In December 2017, the Ukrainian-British joint venture company AZMOL-British Petrochemicals LLC was visited by a delegation of one of the largest distributors of oils and lubricants in Iraq.
Confidence in long-term cooperation
After visiting the workshops and getting to know the production technology, the partner's representatives praised the quality of the products manufactured by LLC "JV

11:56 | 12.12.2017

“AZMOL-British Petrochemicals” started the procedure for obtaining Mercedes-Benz tolerances

"AZMOL-British Petrochemicals" in conjunction with Daimler AG started the procedure for obtaining the approval of Mercedes-Benz 229.3 for AZMOL Leader Plus 5W-40 and 10W-40, as well as Mercedes- Benz 228.3 for oils of the series "AZMOL Famula M" 10W-40 and 15W-40.
"AZMOL Leader Plus" series of universal all-season motor oils with a low coefficient of friction. Designed for use in

09:49 | 15.11.2017

1937 and 2017: 80 years – Indestructible and legendary

November 5, 1937, his first production - aviation gasoline - produced Berdyansk cracking plant. From this day the history of the plant "AZMOL" began to count down. What did not survive the company in the past 80 years: gray weekdays and bright holidays, the joy of victory and the bitterness of failure, the rise to the heights of glory and the precipitous drop that almost cost the plant of its

09:48 | 12.11.2017


With the assistance of British engineering engineers "AZMOL-British Petrochemicals" a series of fully synthetic engine oils for the most modern engines of cars AZMOL Ultra Plus was developed.
This series includes high-tech, light-flowing synthetic motor oils of ultra-high viscosity with SAE 0W-30, SAE 5W-30 viscosity, as well as oils for modern gasoline and diesel engines with SAE 0W-40, SAE

09:48 | 25.08.2017

British investor updates AZMOL production

British company Global Lubricants has completed the registration of investments in the Ukrainian plant AZMOL (AZMOL-BP). Under the leadership of the founder of Global Lubricants, Terry Dicken, the modernization of the Ukrainian enterprise will be carried out and a new line of motor oils developed
The largest producer of motor oils and lubricants in Ukraine, PJSC "Azmol" (Berdyansk, Zaporozhye

07:07 | 23.05.2017