Azmol British Petrochemicals became a member of the international organization NLGI

12:13 | 15.03.2019

Azmol British Petrochemicals joined the leaders in the production of oils and became a member of the NLGI

 Azmol British Petrochemicals became a member of the NLGI. This is an achievement for all company employees. Our team has proven that we are ready not only to provide the consumer with a decent product, but also to improve the market together with the leaders of the sphere.

 NLGI is the international association for the quality control of oils and lubricants, founded in 1933. The National Institute of Lubricants accepts to its ranks only the leading manufacturers, whose products successfully pass the most difficult tests and confirm their compliance with international quality standards. The Association of Market Leaders is engaged in the research of lubricants, the development of new technologies for their production, and through numerous studies and tests, it derives quality standards.